SBA Direct offers the following Origination to Closing Services, lenders can elect to use one or all these services for the majority of their loans. For example, a Lender may have a good handle on servicing but would rather leave the underwriting, packaging, and closing to SBA Direct. We encourage lending partners utilize our services in the most efficient and effective way; in most cases lenders are encouraged to choose all three services and then take over the loan servicing after the first 18 months.  *Please note flexibility of options are based on volume.


Our underwriting is always performed with the next phase of the loan process in mind.  We offer concise credit memorandum preparation in accordance with current SBA guidelines. Write-ups are compliant and contain the best structure possible for the project at hand. We work with our lending partners to provide eligibility review, deal structuring, and proper financial analysis & underwriting along with obtaining supporting documentation for the file.


The SBA Direct team believes in packaging SBA loans the right way.  You can depend on SBA Direct to guide and assist borrowers with the SBA application process.  Once we receive signed credit approval, our loan specialists review the file and make initial contact with the borrower. Keeping the borrowers abreast of the status of the loan is a priority for us and it also enhances your borrowers’ comfort level while navigating through this document intense process.


The attorneys we use to close SBA loans are well versed in government guaranteed loan closings and have done these types of loans for years.  The closing legal team works along side SBA Direct to ensure proper loan closings in a timely manner.

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