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We are SBA Direct

SBA Direct is a Lender Service Provider and we provide outsourced solutions for lending institutions who participate in government guaranteed lending. We are located in the Atlanta Metro Area.

SBA Direct provides full-service loan fulfillment services from loan origination to post-closing servicing.  Lenders who choose to use our services instantly become “partners” and our Lending Partners benefit from our streamlined approach along with our innovative communication methods and result-focused business model.

Due to our streamline focus, we can align with lending institutions and not only provide full service lender services, we also offer overflow. Lenders can choose the services they need; in other words, we can tailor the services based on the Lending Partners’ needs.  Let’s be honest, some lenders may not need full-service back office support. Most importantly, the Small Business Administration urges SBA Lenders to stay in tune with their loan portfolios; and to actively be involved with the servicing actions and the progress reports of their borrowers. It is important to tackle SBA Lending departments with a hands-on, intimate strategy that promotes lenders having control of their portfolio through transparency and partnership with SBA Direct as their lender service provider.

How We Started

The company was started by a long-time underwriter who has over 15 years’ experience in SBA and USDA underwriting, packaging, closing, and servicing. Having worked in the actual trenches of an SBA department, that experience has led to proper workflow structure that creates efficiency, consistency, and reliability for our lending partners.  Simply put, lenders who choose to work with our team can trust our judgement and find comfort in knowing we have built our assembly based on real life government guaranteed loan processing scenarios.

SBA Direct core values are integrity, trust, and efficiency.  These three pinnacles of strength demonstrate the work ethic and commitment levels a lending institution can expect from SBA Direct. We are committed to a seamless experience for borrowers and sound profitability for SBA/USDA Lenders.